Thursday, 21 November 2013

Namaste Nepal!

I ventured out to Nepal last week to reunite with an old friend. This was a welcome change from the near hell I had endured the previous couple weeks! Nepal is one of the most unbelievable countries I've ever visited - it is breathtaking, adventurous, laid back, relaxed and genuine. I hadn't realized how exhausting daily life in Delhi was till I left!

Ty and I and the Annapurna mountain range behind us.
Ty and I spent a night in Kathmandu relaxing and catching up, and then caught a flight over the Himalayan mountains to Pokhara the next morning. Pokhara is a tourist hotspot in Nepal since its situated closest to the Annapurna mountain range. We spent our days hiking, boating, checking out the World Peace Pagoda, exploring caves and waterfalls, biking around the town, browsing bookstores, and eating really well! The highlight of the trip was watching the sun hit the peaks of the Annapurna mountains - well worth waking up at 4 AM for.

A buddhist temple adorned by prayer flags.

We bussed back to Kathmandu, and I gotta say it was one of the smoothest and easiest bus rides I've been on in Asia so far! We spent our last couple days exploring the temples and stupas in the capital, and then unfortunately returned back to Delhi, chaos and reality.

A monkey at the monkey temple! 
This trip has made me realize how eager I am to travel and immerse myself in other parts of the world. I'm loving exploring India, but I'm keen on a change, and I'd love the opportunity to see what else is out there.

Life is great otherwise - keeping busy with work projects, Hindi classes, travel plans and dreaded grad school applications. I'm in the final 2 months of my internship, and am realizing just how little time I have left here! I'll be seeing all of you in person so soon!

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